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Val di Fiemme, what playful snow


Five sledding slopes, 4 ski kindergartens, 6 fairy-tale parks on the snow, 2 walks in the footsteps of dragons and gnomes, one Zecchino d’Oro week. And kids free from 8 to 12 years (based on the period).


Val di Fiemme is truly playful. Stretching across the Dolomites of Trentino, its gentle and winding ski slopes evoke wonder and laughter. It loves children and knows how to amaze them with games, nature, snow, and ski.

The fun begins upon arrival in the hotel. Among enchanting panoramas in the Val di Fiemme, there are 3 ski kindergartens, 5 sledding slopes, 3 snowboard parks and 6 amusement parks for sledding, bobsledding, and tubing. There’s even a toboggan run, the Gardoné Alpine Coaster, that slides through snowy woods among curves, loops, and jumps. Family Hotels guarantee a week full of relax, with spaces, activities, and comfort thought out for the tiniest guests and appreciated by Mom and Dad. The most magical weeks (offer Magic Ski Weeks), offer ski pass, hotel, ski school and ski rental FREE, for kids up to 12 years old.

The Alpe Cermis, Ski Center Latemar, Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia, Passo Rolle, and Passo Lavazé-Oclini ski areas offer 110 km of ample slopes with perfect snow conditions. Along 150 km of downhill slopes, kids ski in the tracks of some of the best nordic ski champions.

Among fir forests and along the Paneveggio Natural Park in the Pale di S. Martino winding snowy trails let you follow the tracks of deer, roes, and foxes.

Every day the Valley organizes free activities to help kids get close to snow-covered natured thanks to wooded outings with snowshoes, Nordic walking poles, Nordic skiing and mountaineering. All of this included in the Trentino & FiemmE-Motion Winter Card.

5 SLEDDING slopes

1Children spend an entire day sledding on the Fraina slopes in the Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia ski area. The long slope, extended by 300 meters, lets you sled for 2 km and conveniently reach the top by loading your sled onto the brand new Bellamonte 3.0 cable car.

2 – At the Latemar Ski Center there’s the notorious Obereggen sledding slope, 2.5 km long and illuminated in the evenings on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 19.00 to 22.00.

3 – Also at the Latemar Ski Center at the Epircher di Obereggen there’s Absam, the new sledding slope 750 meters long, serviced by a new mountain lift, the modern Laner telemix. In fact, the old Laner chairlift was substituted with a lift with chairs (heated) as well as gondolas. While experienced skiers can quickly reach the slopes from the chairlifts, sledding lovers and kids can be transported conveniently and securely with the gondolas. The new Obereggen lift is equipped with chair lifts with six seats and gondolas with 8 seats.

4 – At the Gardoné ski area in Predazzo, there’s a 500-meter long sledding slope and also the Gardoné Alpine Coaster toboggan run that offers kilometers of exhilarating loops and curves in total security.

5 – At Alpe Cermis there are two 200 meter slopes, one for sleds and the other for tubes, that can be found in the paradise of fun Cermislandia. Next to Cermislandia, there’s the new Campo Ski School.



February 1-8, 2018, Kids in chorus on a white stage

“Carnevale dello Zecchino” on the snow. One afternoon after another, parents and kids participate in exciting activities with the Zecchino d’Oro staff in the kindergartens in the mountains of Val di Fiemme: Laricino Park – cave of the gnomes in Bellamonte, Kingdom of Cermislandia on Alpe Cermis, Bip Club at Pampeago and Dragon Forest at Gardoné Predazzo.

Fun, music and entertainment on the slopes and much more, theme nights in hotels and walks on the snow. Plenty of young talent will have the opportunity to try their hand at the Zecchino d’Oro selection, living the excitement of one of the most famous musical reviews in Italy.

Saturday, February 3, 2018, Concerto del Piccolo Coro Mariele Ventre dell’Antoniano.


“MATOCI” Carnival

Friday, February 10, 2018

At Valfloriana a long court of characters with wooden masks and bright costumes will go village to village to meet up in Piazza di Casatta. Delicious tastings of traditional local dishes from each of the hamlets will be served.


WALK along the footsteps of dragons and gnomes


On the slopes of Ski Center Latemar in Predazzo, some gondolas wear scales and claws to reach Gardoné. They have been painted thanks to the children’s project "Friends of Dragons" on the Latemar Mountain. Upon arrival at the Predazzo-Gardoné cable car, you can walk along the "Dragon Forest" ring road. Among the fir trees and the larches, you can find dragon wings emerging from the snow, mysterious "arcofalene" suspended between the branches, a magic well, hollowed out trees, a giant dragon's nest, but also rock engravings announcing the return to the earth of the dominators of the sky. All works of land art were made of materials from the woods. Kids can complete the "Find a Dragon" mission by following the clues from a fun game (even in English and German). The beaten path on the 1.5 km ring trail lets you immerse yourself in the fairy-tale forest.


At the middle station on the Bellamonte cable car, in addition to the Fraine sledding slopes, you can book a winter excursion searching for the footsteps of the legendary gnomes of Ballamonte (cell. 346 3639538).





Funivie Alpe Cermis - Cavalese

Tel. 0462 340490





Latemar 2200 - Predazzo

Tel. 0462 502929




Pampeago Tesero

Tel. 340 5519539




Loc. Castelir - Bellamonte

Tel. 346 3639538



The Family Hotels respect the schedules and tastes of kids, even at the table. Cribs, tubs, heaters, drawing kits, fairy tales, spacious rooms, outdoor and indoor play areas, babysitters and snacks, all guarantee relax and let you travel light. The Family Hotels offer the FiemmE-motion Winter Card which includes different activities and games in the nature of Val di Fiemme every day, ski bus and visits to museums and castles in Trentino.


3 FAMILY offers





NUMBERS that kids love

0 euro for kids up to 12 years old (with the Magic Ski Weeks offer)

1 km of loops downhill with toboggans on the Gardoné Alpine Coaster

2 fairytale walks on the lookout for dragons and gnomes

3 snowboard parks (Bellamonte Alpe Lusia, Ski Center Latemar-Obereggen, Passo Rolle).

4 ski-kindergartenAlpe Cermis, Pampeago, Bellamonte, Gardoné di Predazzo.

5 sledding slopes: at the Bellamonte-Alpe ski area on 2 km of the Fraina slopes; 500 m. at Predazzo on the Gardoné slopes; at Obereggen over 2.5 km and 750 m. on the new Absam slopes; on Alpe Cermis over 200 m. in the Cermislandia slopes

5 ski areas: Alpe Cermis, Sci Center Latemar, Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia, Passo Rolle, Oclini-Lavazé

6 snow amusement parks: Predazzo Gardoné, Alpe Cermis, Pampeago, Bellamonte, Lavazé-Oclini, Ziano.

7.5 km on a single slope: Olimpia dell’Alpe Cermis (with a part illuminated two nights a week).

110 km of slopes panoramas of a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site





La Sportiva Stratos Mask

The Trentino-based company unveils prices and technologies for hygienic protective mask

Ready, Get Set, Ski!

Enjoy a sneak preview of the new ski season on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November with the opening of three ski lifts: Agnello di Pampeago, Paradiso and Ferrari del Passo Rolle.
All other Fiemme-Obereggen ski areas will be open from Saturday 30 November.

News for the winter season 2019/2020

Among the news for the 2019-20 ski season of the ski area Fiemme-Obereggen, in addition to the two new restaurants on the ski slopes of the ski area Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia and Alpe Cermis, a new ski slope on Alpe Cermis and a sledding slope in the Latemar Ski Center.