“World-class” Fiemme without cars


After the first edition, held on 31 May, the event “Fiemme without cars” is back on 27 September: a special edition in combination with the FIS Roller Ski World Championship. 

This edition is meant to celebrate the Roller Ski World Champions who will compete for the title of World Champions, between 24 and 27 September, in the valley which has already hosted three editions of the Nordic Ski World Championship (in 1991, 2003 and 2013).

The event has been organized by the Fiemme Ski World Cup Organizing Committee, the Val di Fiemme Tourist Board, Fiemme Servizi, the Magnifica Comunità, the Comunità Territoriale and all the municipalities of the Val di Fiemme.

On Sunday, 27 September, at 9.00 am, the Fiemme without Cars will start at the same time as the final races of the FIS Roller Ski World Championship, which goes through the valley, from Molina to Bellamonte.

Spectators can watch the races along the streets of the villages or along the road Statale 48, which will be closed to vehicles between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

The Senior Men Long Track finale (25 km) begins at 9.00 am in Molina di Fiemme. The Senior and Junior Ladies Long Track finale (19 km) and Junior Men Finale begin at 9.15 am in Cavalese. The Open Promotional Race for all non-professional Roller Skiers begins at 9.10 am in Molina di Fiemme.

All races will finish in Bellamonte, where the first athletes are expected to arrive around 10.30 am. The Awarding Ceremony will be held in Ziano di Fiemme, at 3.00 pm.

After the race the Statale delle Dolomiti - the road crossing the valley - will be available for the locals and the tourists willing to take advantage of a day marked by a better quality of life, on foot, by bike, by push scooters or by roller ski, or even enjoying a horse drawn carriage ride.

The tradition of this “green” day - started in 2009 - is marked by the activities organized by the municipalities of Molina, Cavalese, Tesero, Panchià, Ziano and Predazzo: exhibition booths, games and live music, thanks to the cooperation of the Associations of volunteers of the valley and the sponsorship of the local banks and cooperatives (Casse Rurali della Val di Fiemme and the Famiglie Cooperative).

The Val di Fiemme welcomes indeed with great enthusiasm yet another world-class opportunity to share its ideals of environmental sustainability and livable life summarized in the slogan “Fiemme Vallevviva”.


Info: www.visitfiemme.it; #vivifiemme




Thursday, 24 September - Ziano di Fiemme and Bellamonte

at 2.00 pm  Uphill Classic Technique - Ladies & Men Junior/Senior Interval Start - 10,4km (Ziano-Bellamonte)

 at 9.00 pm Opening Ceremony in Ziano di Fiemme

Friday, 25 September - Ziano di Fiemme

at 5.00 pm Sprint F - Ladies & Men Junior/Senior - 0,2 km (Ziano)

 at 9.00 pm Awarding Ceremony (Ziano)

Saturday, 26 September - Ziano di Fiemme

at 5.00 pm Team Sprint F - Ladies & Men Junior/Senior - 2,4 km (Ziano)
Starting from 7.00 pm Septemberfest at the Party Tent in Ziano

Saturday, 27 September - Ziano di Fiemme

At 9.00 am start of Fiemme Senz’Auto - Fiemme without cars

At 9.00 am Long Distance Mass Start F - Men Senior (25 km) from Molina to Bellamonte
At 9.15 am Long Distance Mass Start F - Ladies Senior/Junior (19 km) from Cavalese to Bellamonte

At 9.10 am Promotional Open Race Mass Start F (25 km) for non-professionals, from Molina to Bellamonte. Info on registration: tel. + 39 0462 352018, email: info@fiemmeworldcup.com

at 3.00 pm Awarding Ceremony (Ziano)




“World-class” Fiemme without cars

On 27 September, the Val di Fiemme Eco-mobility Day
will be dominated by the ski-rollers, in combination with
the FIS Roller Ski World Championship

Fiemme lights the stars up

The new Astronomical Observatory of Val di Fiemme,
with its cutting-edge telescopes and a digital planetarium which
simulates the celestial vault through spectacular videos