Wines and Wineries


Grape vines are an essential element of the landscape in Cembra Valley

From Lake Garda to the terraces in Valle di Cembra, grape vines are an essential element of the landscape in Trentino. The different climates and the patient efforts of the vine growers produce unique wines.

Müller Thurgau is cultivated in vineyards at an altitude of about 600 metres a.s.l., and on the right-hand slope of Valle di Cembra, with its more favourable exposure, they reach up to over 800 metres. The microclimate at this altitude and the big differences between day and night temperatures before harvesting enhance to the max its characteristic original freshness and floral vegetal aroma, giving it an aromatic, particularly persistent taste.

Chardonnay grapes are used to produce elegant, monovarietal, still wines with a hint of apple and are bases for excellent Trento D.O.C. classic method spumantes, the second D.O.C. (controlled designation of origin) recognised worldwide, after champagne.

The Schiava is the historic primary vine that has characterised vine growing and wine production in Valle di Cembra. The first documents that mention “schiave” in this region date back to the thirteenth century. The traditional “pergola Trentina” trellis training system is used.