Cantina Villa Corniole

Cantina Villa Corniole

Villa Corniole is a long and historic Family tradition: a shared project that starts in the vineyard and continues with passion in the winery. Still and sparkling classic method wines in Trentino-Alto Adige.

Villa Corniole, largely underground, allows significant energy savings thanks to the "natural" temperature and humidification of the barrique cellar, which occurs through the natural exudation of porphyry, a typical rock of Val di Cembra. The winery's barrique cellar is a unique and magical place carved into the porphyry rock of Val di Cembra. Here the wines rest with the right calm, at a controlled and constant temperature, not forcing their evolution.


Via al Gréc', 23,
38030 Giovo TN, Italy
Tel. +39 0461 695067
(Per visite e degustazioni fare riferimento al numero + 39 3467523216)

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