Lona Lases Biotope and the Ice Holes

Lona Lases Biotope

3 separate areas with very different environments

The “Lona-Lases” biotope actually covers 3 separate areas with very different environments.
These are the last surviving patches of a very particular environmental situation that once existed and was much more extensive and which today can be found around the Lases village and the lake of the same name. Walking along path C46 near Lases Lake, one can observe various particular natural environments of great botanic and geological interest: the biotope south of the lake, the Palù Redont and the Val Fredda with the phenomenon of the holes in the ice. The Val Fredda features cracks and cavities at the base of an ancient landslide, from which cold air issues continuously causing the formation of ice throughout the year.
Scholars have explained that the phenomenon is caused by tunnels and air channels which descend from the high area of the steep moraine down to the base, then exiting from underground.

The visitors’ path
The entrance to the biotope is just outside the historic centre of the village of Lases, behind the church. The route is circular, winding through the territory of the biotope and finally leading, at the end of the visit, back to the main entrance. The whole route takes about three hours, without hurrying and with a few short stops to observe, take photographs, write notes and rest. The path presents no technical difficulty. The uphill stretches ascend gently.  Along the path there are 16 points of particular interest, where boards with a short descriptive phrase have been positioned.