The Avisio

The Avisio

Running through a deep gorge hollowed out of porphyry it has created a wild, untamed environment

Fishing is regulated by the Trentino Amateur Fishing Association (Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti Trentini) and the marble trout is very famous.

The Avisio is the main water course in Valle di Cembra, which is situated along the lower part of the river. A tributary of the Adige, its source is Lake Fedaia at 2,028 m a.s.l., at the foot of the Marmolada glacier. It runs through the Dolomites and the conifer forests in the Fassa and Fiemme valleys and for a third of its length, 90 km, separates the two sides of Valle di Cembra.

Here the Avisio travels through a deep gorge, hollowed out of porphyry: a wild, untamed environment perfect for nature hikes and a chance to try a river trekking adventure.

The river is easy to reach from the SP 101 road (also known as “Trasversale della Valle di Cembra”) between Faver and Segonzano. Every town in the valley has well-signposted pedestrian paths and trails that are especially spectacular in spring and autumn.