The brand new sports centre

The brand new sports centre, seat of the Cembra Curling Association, whose members include athletes of the highest level, is composed of two regulation size ice rinks with an attached Club House and a grandstand for the public. It hosts competitions like the Italian Championships and international curling tournaments and wheelchair curling. The Cembra curling stadium hopes to become the second National Federal Centre, acquiring greater importance at national and international level.
The Palacurling, thanks to the spacious car park and its attractive position in the middle of the green of the countryside, a stone’s throw from the centre of Cembra, was cleverly designed to become the perfect place also for congress events and activities, as well as a sports centre where curling can be practised under the guidance of federal instructors. 

Activities: curling, wheelchair curling
Information: Cembra tourist board phone  +39 0461683110;