Marcialonga Running Coop

06/09/2020 - 06/09/2020
09:30 o godzinie

The 18th Marcialonga Coop covers a part of Marcialonga track, the legendary ski marathon.

On Sunday 6th September, runners coming from all over Europe and from Canada, Bolivia, Eritrea, Russia, Morocco or South Africa are running for 26 km in Val di Fiemme & Val di Fassa.
The race starts at 9.30 from Moena and finishes in Cavalese, with a maximum travel time of 3.30 hours. Along the course, people support all runners, especially the last ones.

Marcialonga Coop dedicates an event also to the future runners, Mini Marcialonga Coop; kids from 6 to 12 y.o. are the protagonists of a 900 mts loop in Moena town center.


12/07/2020 - 26/07/2020 , 10:00 in Val di Fiemme

The Family weeks

Have you ever met Lucio Wolf and Queen Odessa of Melevisione? You can do it in the woods of Val di Fiemme!
25/07/2020 - 25/07/2020 , 09:30 in Pampeago, Tesero - Rifugio Monte Agnello

RespirArt Day

Artistic meeting at 2200 meters
08/08/2020 - 09/08/2020 , 08:00 in Tesero


The 24 no-stop bike race in the mountains