Fiemme Piace

Made in Fiemme

The network of enterprises made in Fiemme

Fiemme PIACE is a network of enterprises and freelancers of Val di Fiemme with 5 peculiar features in common.

•    Passion
Passion is the origin of each business, their common and distinctive trait, the intense involvement that each entrepreneur expresses in his job. Passion is a never-ending desire to improve, to feel never pleased with the results achieved. All this leads to an extremely high quality in the offered products and services.

•    Innovation
The real antidote to crisis. Innovation in products or processes means making efforts to move up the current demands. It does not strictly depend on what the market is demanding right now and sometimes it does not produce great outcomes from an economic point of view, but innovation allows you to stand out among other competitors.

•    Affinity
All Fiemme PIACE members recognize and assert that our territory gives a real and solid added value to their product. Independently from their production field, they are proud of being, living and working in Val di Fiemme. Their enthusiasm and passion are so strong that their collaborators and employees can feel it, producing tangible effects on the quality of their work.

•    Competence
The development of competences is the only road to be competitive on the market and it is directly connected to innovation – competence is the precondition of innovation. Only companies that keep on being updated and fulfilling real investments in training and education can innovate and anticipate the market.

•    Eco-sustainability
Strongly connected to affinity, love for our valley and the desire of realizing long-lasting environmental-friendly products. Eco-sustainability is also connected to innovation and to the continuous desire of improvement. In many cases, they go beyond the strictest legislation to seek the best biocompatibility and the lowest environmental impact by providing an important contribution to improving the quality of life both of the inhabitants and of those who use that product or service.

These are the five features that all Fiemme PIACE members do share, as well as providing products and services of excellence and a particular attention to the environment and the whole valley. These results both in groundbreaking eco-sustainable projects and in the recognition that being in Val di Fiemme is a strong competitive advantage, which is not comparable to the lower costs of a possible de-localization in other parts of Italy or abroad.

Made in Fiemme

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