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Discover the brown trout and marble trout in the Avisio river and the Travignolo stream, and the Alpine char in the cold waters of the mountain lakes. In Val di Fiemme, in the Dolomites of Trentino, fly fishing lovers can practise their favourite hobby in kilometres of streams and in the many mountain lakes. Here they can admire the brown trout and the marble trout or the Arctic chars. Clean waters can be found in the dolomitic mountain group of Latemar and in the wild mountain chain of Lagorai, in the “Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme” area. 


The stream Avisio is the cuddle of marble trout
The marble trout is the “queen” of the impetuous waters of the bottom of the valley. The stream Avisio, that is constantly changing features and flow, is considered a first-category water stream. Here they introduce the marble trout fry coming only from the ichtyogenic plant of the association of the valley. It’s frequent that, during a nymphing fishing, you can chance upon some trout that weigh some kilos.


Fly fishing in the canyons of Travignolo stream
At the borders of the Natural Park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino the crystal-clear water flows on a porphyry riverbed. When you want to fish a brown trout there, it’s like living a real fishing adventure in the “canyon”. This tributary is perfect for dry fly fishing, it flows along the limits of the Forests of Violins and the deer reservation. The roar of its waters amaze when you walk on the two suspension bridges (in Paneveggio and Sotto Sassa)


Water streams and mountain lakes
Forests, rock and water. The Lagorai mountain chain, the wild group of porphyry mountains that limit the south side of Val di Fiemme, offer the fishermen a mass of rivers and mountain lakes in a great natural environment where the brown trout and the Arctic char live.


The Fortebuso (Paneveggio-Predazzo) reservoir is an ideal place to spend some restful days fishing, surrounded by forests of spruces and dolomitic massive mountains.


One only licence
Practicing fly fishing in Val di Fiemme is really simple. You need one only licence, that you can get online too, to practice your favourite hobby. The Associazione Pescatori Val di Fiemme (Val di Fiemme Fishermen Association) is the largest local fishing organization and is currently controlling the fishing areas in the municipalities of Predazzo, Ziano di Fiemme, Panchià and Tesero.


Fishing Lodges hospitality
Also in Val di Fiemme can be found some of the Trentino Fishing Lodges, Hotels and Farmhouses that dedicate the fishermen special services such as fishing licences, early wake up, early breakfast, storage and cleaning areas for fishing equipment and packed lunch. These Fishing Lodges also organize guided fishing trips and offer suggestions to beginners or to more advanced fishermen in order to improve their technique, as well as offering a fishing equipment rental and purchase service.


Trentino Fishing Guides

If you want to spend an unforgettable day of fishing in Trentino, contact one of the expert "Trentino Fishing Guides", who will take you to the best fishing spots and will provide useful information on the fishing areas. Clothing and equipment rental on request.

Sport fishing

In the small natural lake of Passo Lavazè, sport fishing of rainbow trout is allowed, even without license. If you don’t have your own fishing rod, rental is available as well as baits.

Regular fish stocking of 300/400gr rainbow trout.

Opening times: from mid-June to mid-September | 9.00 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 18.00

Info: Progetto Lavazè Srl: Tel +39 0462 230447 | www.lavaze.com | info@lavaze.com

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Fishing in Val di Cembra


The Avisio stream is one of the most famous fishing spots in Trentino. It is known by competitive and amateur anglers alike for its scenic beauty, excellent water quality and, above all, for being populated by splendid marmorated and brown trout. Its headwaters are located on the Marmolada, it then flows through the Fassa Valley, the Fiemme Valley, and finally meets Val di Cembra, where it flows through enchanted hills and deep gorges. Here the Avisio shows its full character, offering the angler an unparalleled experience of nature and wild, mostly native fish.


The Avisio stream in Val di Cembra
The section of the Avisio stream that flows through the Cembra Valley is both intermediate and final. At Lavis, in fact, it flows its waters into the Adige River, becoming one of its main tributaries. In the areas of Cembra and Segonzano, it is not uncommon to encounter strains of brown and marbled trout, both wild and released, with specimens ranging from 25 to 50 centimeters; sometimes, they even reach more than 60 centimeters. Such sizes are the result of excellent water management, which over time has been protected and has fostered the maintenance of an ecosystem rich in significant prey. Further downstream, toward Lavis, the Avisio changes its character and loses the impetuosity of the upper stretch. The waters flow more slowly, so in addition to trout, it is easy to spot chub and barbel.


Regulations for fishing on the Avisio
The waters of the Avisio stream in the Cembra Valley are managed by the Trento APDT (from the Stramentizzo dam downstream). There are several areas where you can go fishing: the easiest to spot are C2, CP3, CP4 and Ex-Reserve San Giorgio. The season opens on the first Sunday in February (excluding C2, which opens on the first Sunday in March) and ends on September 30. However, in recent years, the CP4 and Ex-Reserve San Giorgio stretches have extended fishing until October 31, granting an attractive opportunity to all spinning and fly fishing enthusiasts. The daily permit costs €20.00 and can be purchased even without holding a type B license. It allows you to catch up to 5 trout with both natural and artificial lures. The adoption of catch & release is welcome, both for the protection of the fish population and because it stands for true sportsmanship.
In the Ex-Reserve San Giorgio, on the other hand, fishing is done with a special permit of €20.00 for half a day or €30.00 for the whole day. No-kill is practiced and only 1 trout over 50 centimeters in length may be caught. For more details on the regulations, contact the APDT at info@apdt.it or by phone at +39 0461 930093.


Suggested equipment for fishing on the Avisio
The Avisio stream presents spots to tackle by spinning, fly-fishing, or fishing by touch with a trolling rod. During colder periods, touch fishing takes center stage. To practice it, you need an 8.50- to 10-foot rod, a useful length to reach the holes where trout take refuge. Fishing in spring, summer and even fall (with special permit for October), the most profitable techniques are fly fishing and spinning. The latter is carried out with a two-piece rod, between 2.10 and 2.40 meters in length, with a power range between 5 and 25 grams; a reel size 2000/3000 is more than sufficient. For bait, on the other hand, it is advisable to opt for rotating spoons (preferably single and without a barb) of size 9/12, undulating spoons and minnows.

Info on purchasing fishing permits at Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti Trentini (apdt.it)

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