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Il Lago di Valda, torbiera d'alta quota

Faver, Grauno, Grumes, Valda
v hodinách
in km

From Valda village to its large peat bog, climbing through unique environments and novel views

This itinerary takes visitors from the village of Valda (Altavalle) to the characteristic hamlet of Bornie before continuing to the Lago di Valda peat bog in the Prati di Monte Provincial Reserve, one of the most important and beautiful protected areas in the Val di Cembra Avisio Reserve Network.

The route passes through a succession of pristine environments from the varied meadows around Bornie to the open larch woods used as pasture areas and as a source of resin to high altitude peat bog pools.

To get to Lago di Valda the route climbs up from behind Valda church in the direction of the small village of Bornie where you are welcomed by wide open meadows and a small nucleus of historic farmhouses in the middle. At this point you can visit the village or continue (and visit on your way back) following signs for Noval - Lago di Valda. Once at the Lago di Valda peat bog, a habitat of huge environmental value, continue, following signs for Ponciach, until a few kilometres later you come to signs for lovara and Bornie.

Along the return footpath you pass two extremely interesting historic artefacts: the lovara, namely a historic wolf trap and a calcara near the village, a historic furnace for lime making.

Údaje o trase
11,4 km
4 h 30 min
Do kopce
650 m
650 m
Technické dovednosti
Fyzický stav
Nejvyšší bod
1.417 m
Nejnižší bod
768 m
Bezpečnostní pokyny

Even if this trail is not technically difficult and has no dangerous stretches, we always and in any case suggest to follow the general rules on safety for mountain hikes. 

  • Prepare your itinerary
  • Choose an excursion appropriate for your real ability and training level
  • Choose the fitting equipment
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Hiking alone is risky
  • Give details about your itinerary and about the approximate hour of your return
  • Do not hesitate to entrust you to an expert
  • Pay attention to the indication and signals you will find along your journey
  • Do not hesitate to retrace your steps
  • In case of accident: ask for help and call the number 112
Výchozí bod
Valda (Comune di Altavalle)
Kde zaparkovat

Parking along the SS 612 at the entrance to the historic center of the town

  •  Trekking shoes or mountain boots
  • Trekking poles
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