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My company deals with the drying of vegetable products we grow naturally, following nature's cycles and processed within 24 hours of harvesting in the field; special attention is given to seasonality so some products will be present only at certain times of the year until stocks are exhausted.

Drying is a food preservation method that allows food to retain its organoleptic characteristics and nutritional components almost unchanged: the dried food does not undergo any chemical intervention, nor is it subjected to the addition of preservatives or other artificial substances. The process of water elimination at the basis of this method inhibits the development of microbes and thus prevents the oxidation of food, allowing it to be stored for a long time in the pantry (taking care to keep it in airtight containers, as they fear moisture).

But that's not all: as it dries products, drying essentially changes their texture and concentrates all their aroma, taste, and fragrance; it is a simple, practical, and intuitive way to get ingredients ready for use in the kitchen. Dried products are immediately usable to prepare ready-made dishes in a matter of minutes, without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients and, above all, our health.

With this process, innovative solutions and ingredients can be invented, or innovative versions can be drawn from the usual ingredients, making them structurally different from how we are used to using them, giving the dish a different and unexpected note, an intense and original flavor, an unexpected crunch, a tasty garnish...
Via Ugo Foscolo, 9 - 38041 Albiano (TN)
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