Valfloriana is a village composed of ten hamlets (Barcatta, Casanova, Casatta, Dorà, Montalbiano, Sicina, Valle, Villaggio), perched along the edge of Val di Fiemme. Like Capriana, also Valfloriana is at the boundary with Val di Cembra. Thanks to its off-centred position, there you can enjoy relaxing atmospheres, where traditions are still maintained and continued. 
During the day, fans of trekking or snow-shoe walking reach this place to go walking in the wild nature of the mountain chain of Lagorai. At night, the village is the meeting-point of gourmets that come to Valfloriana to taste the delicious and genuine food of local agritourisms.
After a romantic walk amid the birches, you can organize a visit to the farms where farmers pay great attention to the psychophysical health of their cows. 
Valfloriana is known for its annual joyful and archaic Matòci Carnival, celebrated with a long parade of characters wearing a wooden mask (facère) and colourful costumes. If you follow the parade, village after village, in each hamlet you can taste typical food and especially cheeses, like the zigare (cones of ricotta, salt and pepper) or the ancient cheese Casat. 
The building that houses the Town Hall is a place of historical interest. Until the middle of the last century it was a Romanesque church. As a matter of fact, in its walls there were both the bell tower and the apse, decorated with frescoes painted in the 1400 by Germanic painters, probably by Albrecht Dürer or one of his pupils.

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