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Ziano di Fiemme
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These are the most important steps of this walk – leave from Ziano di Fiemme, enjoy a reinvigorating break at the Caseificio where you can taste our famous Puzzone di Moena cheese, and return to the hamlet of Zanon.

You are on the banks of the water stream Avisio. The snow, the water that turns into ice. It seems to be in a magical kingdom. After the first little bridge you can glimpse the village of Predazzo, the slopes of Mount Mulat and its trees overgrown by the Vaia Storm in 2018.

As soon as you reach the new bistrot Caseificio Sociale di Predazzo e Moena, leave the cycle route where you were walking to cross the SS48 (Attention! There are no zebra crossings!). Afterwards, return to Ziano.

The dirt road that you will cover is close to the main road for the first meters, and then rises slightly towards the wood to let you walk in nature without the noises of the road. The final part of this experience is among the snowy meadows of the hamlet of Zanon where you will see many rustic houses, stables and barns before getting to the starting point along via Zanon.

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Dane trasy
4,1 km
Czas przejścia
1 h 00 min
Pod górę
56 m
57 m
Umiejętności techniczne
Stan fizyczny
Najwyższy punkt
1.005 m
Najniższy punkt
948 m
Wskazówka autora

This is a very comfortable walk because there they remove the snow immediately.

Wytyczne dotyczące bezpieczeństwa

Pay attention when you cross the main road next to the bistrot of the Caseificio. There are no zebra crossings.

Punkt początkowy
Ziano di Fiemme - Via Roda
Wskazówki dojazdu

In summer, this itinerary is a paved cycle route with no difference in height that connects Ziano di Fiemme with Predazzo in a short time. From the bridge of the hamlet of Roda in Ziano, follow the right side of Avisio towards Predazzo. The itinerary is flat along the water stream and, once arrived at the meadows before Predazzo, in some points you can easily reach its banks. Shortly ahead you will get close to the SS48 delle Dolomiti at the Caseificio di Predazzo e Moena shop and bistrot, where you can buy both dairy and not dairy products – zero kilometre ones, of course.

To walk back, you have to carefully cross the main road (there are no zebra crossings!) to reach the dirt road that slightly rises towards the meadows in the hamlet of Zanon, in Ziano di Fiemme. When you arrive in the village, the path is paved again. To return to the starting point, at the first crossroad take via Zanon which leads downhill to the main road then to via Roda. This is the end of your walk.


Translated by the students of the third year of the Language High School "Rosa Bianca - Cavalese".

transport publiczny
You can reach Ziano di Fiemme by Trentino Trasporti buses and by the ski-buses from all Val di Fiemme villages.
Jak dojechać
Drive to Ziano di Fiemme then to the hamlet of Roda.
Gdzie zaparkować
Parking between the SS48 and the water stream Avisio.

Warm clothing and hiking boots.

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