Sentiero di Segonzano

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This route is interesting both for geological and naturalistic reasons. It includes long stretches along ancient mule paths across woods and several opportunities for a rest in picturesque hamlets.
What's more: the presence of a pilgrimage site dedicated to Mary Help of Christians ('Santuario della Madonna dell'Aiuto') adds an important artistic and religious dimension to the hike.

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13,9 km
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5 h 00 min
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729 m
729 m
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Stan fizyczny
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1.206 m
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519 m
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  • Prepare your itinerary beforehand
  • Choose an itinerary that suits your physical abilities
  • Choose suitable clothes and equipment
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Hiking by yourself is more risky; if this is the case, take a mobile phone with you
  • Leave information about your itinerary and your expected return time
  • If you are not sure about your itinerary, contact an Alpine Guide
  • Pay attention to signposts and directions that you find along your way
  • Do not hesitate in going back if you feel too tired
  • In case of emergency call 112
Punkt początkowy
Segonzano, car park Piramidi
Wskazówki dojazdu

From the car park underneath the earth pyramids of Segonzano, climb the steep, but well equipped path (excellent viewpoints) across these rather famous hoodoos (i.e. strangely shaped spires formed as a result of erosion in glaciofluvial areas). The path ultimately joins a forest road which runs fairly level about halfway along the Dosso di Segonzano (this section of the route follows a stretch of the European long-distance path E5). The road gently climbs to the peaceful hamlet of Quaràs, located in a cosy clearing about halfway up the mountain. At Quaràs, leave the E5 trail and climb along a road through the wood that heads for the dwellings of Segonzano. That road ultimately takes you to the 'Santuario della Madonna dell'Aiuto', where a pilgrimage church was built on the site of a wayside shrine (called 'capitèl' in the local dialect) in the late 17th century and was later modified to its current shape. A centuries-old linden tree adds shade and fragrance to what is a remarkably peaceful spot. On the first Sunday in September, a crowd of pilgrims gather here to worship the Madonna. Inside the church, there is a much-revered oil painting of the Madonna and Child by an unknown artist dating from the last quarter of the 17th century. The return route follows roads and paths across the hamlets of Sabion, Stedro, Saletto, and Piazzo, and includes views of the ruins of the Castle of Segonzano (13th century). This medieval fortress has recently been restored thanks to funds from the Municipality of Segonzano and the Autonomous Province of Trento and is currently used as a venue for major cultural events. The castle of Piazzo, which is owned by the family of the Baron a Prato from Segonzano, is the subject – as well as Valle di Cembra - of famous watercolours by the German painter Albrecht Dürer. In 1796, it was the site of a memorable battle between Habsburg and Napoleonic troops.

Jak dojechać
Coming from the A22 Brenner freeway, either from the south or the north, exit at the Trento nord tollbooth (distance from the tollbooth 22.5 km), take the S.S. 12 del Brennero north to the Lavis junction, and then transit on the S.S. 612 Lavis - Castello di Fiemme, which leads to Valle di Cembra and the town of Segonzano.
Gdzie zaparkować
Car park underneath the earth pyramids of Segonzano

Hiking shoes, rain-jacket, hiking poles, water, snack and sun cream.

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