Set in a porphyry hollow carved by glaciers, Lake Santo is a small but enchanting pool located at 4 km from the village of Cembra, at an altitude of 1,200 metres.

Legend has it that the lake once used to be a forest for which some of Cembra inhabitants were contending. Exasperated, one of them hoped it turned into a lake.
Unexpectedly, water started to gush out, threatening the village nearby.
Alarmed by the sudden rise of the water level, the locals interpreted it as God’s punishment and begged pardon for their behaviour. As a sign of their peace deal, they asked the local priest to sacrifice his sacred ring by throwing it into the lake. As if by magic, water stopped springing up and the inhabitants, now in peace, saved the village.

What to do

  • walks and hikes (for example along the E5 or the Dürer paths)
  • sport fishing
  • horse-riding

Available services

  • Beaches
  • A 60-metre dog-friendly beach in the southeastern part of the lake

You can reach the lake with a 15-minute ride from Cembra. Drive across the village heading towards Trento. After Cembra, you will find a crossroads. Take the first road on your right.

Frazione Scancio, Segonzano - 38047 Segonzano