Your tracks in crystalline powder

“Man gets bored when receiving pleasure and he much prefers the pleasure he conquers”. A quote by the philosophe Émile-Auguste Chartier (alias Alain) that clearly expresses the spirit of ski touring

The target of a slow and constant ski climbing to get to the top of a lonely peak. Ski touring is the way to get up there, to those tops that usually people line and watch from the bottom in the summertime. From the top, you can look to the far mountains on the horizon. The real distance is clearer when you look around you and your eyes stop on a rocky shape. Looking at the horizon from the sea will not give you the same sensation. 

Thanks to ski touring you conquer the peaks of the mountains, but also incredible spaces in clean and immaculate nature. Especially in Val di Fiemme, where the tops covered with snow aren't crowdy. And skiing in loneliness you can feel a great symbiosis with nature inside your heart.
After the long ascent pushing forward on sealskins, skiing downhill to return home is a liberating and intense pleasure. Each turn arises clouds of soft and powder snow. 

To practise this discipline you need to be well-trained and know the mountain environment, climate and snowpack very well, in order to avoid any danger. The ski touring routes of Val di Fiemme vary in length and difficulty. Less expert people can explore them together with an alpine guide