The Segonzano high altitude farmhouses

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The Segonzano high altitude farmhouse complexes Gaggio, Gresta and Valcava: tiny Segonzano villages with a profound sense of identity

The route begins in the hamlet of Valcava, at an altitude of just under 1000 metres, on the border with the Piné high plateau. Valcava is made up of three groups of houses, Piani, Tirli and Caloneghi. The main nucleus, Piani, is made up of a dozen or so houses, a church dedicated to its guardian angels, a small graveyard and, until a few decades ago, a school house, too.

From here the route follows a forest footpath to Santuario della Madonna dell’Aiuto built by the family which owned the land in Prato in the late 17th century as a simple devotional chapel. Over subsequent centuries it has been restored and enlarged many times with enlargement work in 1956-61 which gave it its current appearance.

The itinerary continues along Rivo di Gaggio to Gresta where the wild Avisio stream coexists with majestic rocks, terraced fields carved out of the wild landscape and steep forested slopes hosting a few of the valley’s most majestic chestnut trees.

It then continues in the direction of Gaggio, a clump of houses around the road to the hamlet and its square, the heart of the hamlet. The population of this small village of narrow streets and historic farmhouses is just under 50. If you go through the village a stop to take a look at Mirtilla farm – an organic business which farms one hectare of small terraced plots around the farmhouse for over twenty years.

The return journey to Valcava is a pleasant forest footpath.

Route data
13,4 km
5 h 30 min
700 m
700 m
Technical skills
Physical condition
Highest point
1.091 m
Lowest point
565 m
Safety guidelines

Even if this trail is not technically difficult and has no dangerous stretches, we always and in any case suggest to follow the general rules on safety for mountain hikes. 

  • Prepare your itinerary
  • Choose an excursion appropriate for your real ability and training level
  • Choose the fitting equipment
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Hiking alone is risky
  • Give details about your itinerary and about the approximate hour of your return
  • Do not hesitate to entrust you to an expert
  • Pay attention to the indication and signals you will find along your journey
  • Do not hesitate to retrace your steps
  • In case of accident: ask for help and call the number 112
Starting point
Valcava (Segonzano)
Where to park

In Valcava, at the public parking near the cemetery or along the road

  •  Trekking shoes or mountain boots
  • Trekking poles
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