Fiemme Cembra Guest Card

Fiemme Cembra Guest Card: convenzioni trasporti in Val di Fiemme, Trentino

Nature in Val di Fiemme and Val di Cembra is really generous.

Its easy walks among fir woods, flowery meadows and cool-water streams are surrounded by the UNESCO Dolomites of the Trentino region. Step after step, discover the countless beautiful views of Val di Fiemme and Val di Cembra.

Accompanying you in this journey is the Fiemme Cembra Guest Card, which will enable you to enjoy a lot of new experiences, such as spectacular tales, hikes in the mountains, mountain sports, visits to museums and mobility on shuttles, little trains and buses.

So much wonder in such a small pocket-card!

The Fiemme Cembra Guest Card included in your stay at no additional cost and will let you discover spectacular views, local museums and the most exciting activities with expert guides.
The card also includes free mobility on public transportation, trains and shuttles, and you will have discounted access to chairlifts and cable cars to reach the high-altitude paradises surrounded by the UNESCO Dolomites.

The FIEMME CEMBRA GUEST CARD will be given to you upon your arrival in partner hotels, residences, agriturs, B&Bs, camp sites and apartments of Val di Fiemme and val di Cembra, and will offer you great opportunities to spend a wonderful vacation.


  • Get the Summer Card at the lifts tickets offices of Val di Fiemme for just 16,50 € per person for the entire length of your stay (from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 21 nights), free for kids 0-8 (born after 01.01.2015) for each paying adult, 30% off for kids 8-16 (born after 01.01.2007). The Summer Card gives you access (one round ticket per day) to the following chairlifts and cable cars: Alpe Cermis, Latemar Pampeago, Latemar MontagnAnimata Predazzo, Bellamonte-Castelir. Every day you can choose among one of these lifts. This card is for the guests of the partner Hotels, Residences, Agriturs, B&Bs and campsites and it gives you access to the chairlifts and cable cars to reach the high-altitude paradises.  If you are a guest of our partner apartments, you will get a 20% discount on the Fiemme Mountain Pass.
  • Move freely in Val di Fiemme and Trentino by buses, little road trains, shuttles and on-request coaches.
  • Get discounts on bikes and e-bikes rental (on kids’ bike trailers too).
  • Get free admission to the Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, the Geological Museum of the Dolomites and the Natural Park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino. 
  • Free or discounted entry to over 60 museums.
  • Free or discounted visits to 20 castles and over 40 attractions, including the Arena di Verona.
  • Experience daily excursions and outdoor activities with alpine guides, experts, botanists and nature guides, guided visits with tastings at the Wine Cellars of Val di Cembra.
  • Discount codes to reach Trentino with Flixbus and MarinoBus

The best summer experiences

Nature hikes, tastings and pure wellness moments. Lots of experiences for an incredible summer with mountain views.

Trentino Guest Card

All the hotels, residences, agriturs and B&Bs that are not partners of the Tourist Board Val di Fiemme and Cembra offer the Trentino Guest Card. The card gives you free or discounted entry to the main museums, castles and natural parks. It also allows you to circulate freely on public transportation, avoiding traffic and parking problems and offers a range of discounts and access to exclusive services such as guided tours, priority entry and tasting events.

The Trentino Guest Card, with no additional cost, will be given to you in either digital or paper form by the accommodation facility itself. Plus, the Trentino Guest Card is free also for children and kids under 18, for the length of your stay.

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Fiemme Cembra Guest Card: convenzioni trasporti in Val di Fiemme, Trentino

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The traffic is free, water is clean, air is clean, too... Fiemme is a reinvigorating oasis under all points of view, in the middle of 60 million trees.