Carano - Ville di Fiemme


1100 m

Carano is a typical alpine village situated on a natural terrace dominating the valley and overlooking the mountain chain of Lagorai and Pale di San Martino. This village was built on the remains of an ancient fortified borough, dating back to the Bronze Age. The so-called “Cortazze” or “Corti” characterize the centre – a large network of passages and tiny streets on the steepest slope to facilitate the flow of water. Wandering around, you can notice wall paintings and frescoes, the beautiful monolithic fountain built in 1888 and the capital dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The church of Carano-Ville di Fiemme, dedicated to San Nicolò di Bari, dates back to 1150. Leaving the village, in the direction of Cavalese, on the left wall you can see the stone called "fato lano dela fame" in remembrance of the famine (1570). In Carano you can visit the ethnographic museum Casa Begna and the ancient Ceva source, from which springs a sulfate-calcium-magnesium water, that effectively fights rheumatic and skin diseases. One of the most fantastic walks around the village is Sentiero delle Cascatelle (little waterfalls trail). 
Driving a few kilometres from Carano-Ville di Fiemme you arrive at Passo Lavazé, great destination for sports lovers. There, you can go hiking or trekking and practice both cross-country and downhill skiing. Another downhill skiing resort near Carano-Ville di Fiemme is Alpe Pampeago, the access point to Ski Center Latemar.