The Roccolo del Sauch is an ancient construction built for bird hunting.

The uniqueness of this structure lies in the material it is made of: beech trees and spruces which have been masterfully intertwined and trimmed so as to surround a grassy open space with a natural arcade.
Once the hunter noticed that birds had packed on the grass, he would whistle and frighten them. Flying towards the arcade, birds would get caught in a hardly visible net hung among the columns.

After this hunting technique was banned in 1968, the Roccolo, owned by the Brugnara family, became a destination to increase environmental awareness and an ideal place for bird watching.
Today, the site can be visited by all passers-by. Guided tours available on request.

Duration: 1 h 30 min from Faedo Pineta; about 1 h from the road to Lake Santo.
Altitude: 935 m.
Difference in height: 200 m

Frazione Scancio, Segonzano - 38047 Segonzano