From the Lake Santo to the Roccolo of Sauch

Cembra, Lisignago, Giovo
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A loop tour with a visit to the Roccolo del Sauch and the Sauch hut in the deciduous forest.

Nature walk to appreciate the variety of Cembran vegetation and discover an ancient bird-catching system, a fascinating and ingenious plant labyrinth called 'Roccolo del Sauch'.

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Route data
5,6 km
1 h 45 min
215 m
215 m
Technical skills
Physical condition
Highest point
1.096 m
Lowest point
918 m

A stop inside the Roccolo del Sauch is a must to admire its articulated plant structure and relax on the lawn in front of it. The Rifugio Malga Sauch is perfect for refreshments while savouring traditional Trentino dishes.

Safety guidelines


  1. Prepare your itinerary beforehand
  2. Choose an itinerary that suits your physical abilities
  3. Choose suitable clothes and equipment
  4. Check the weather forecast
  5. Hiking by yourself is more risky; if this is the case, take a mobile phone with you
  6. Leave information about your itinerary and your expected return time
  7. If you are not sure about your itinerary, contact an Alpine Guide
  8. Pay attention to signposts and directions that you find along your way
  9. Do not hesitate in going back if you feel too tired
  10. In case of emergency call 112
Starting point
Car park on the street for the Lake Santo (see the section "how to get it")

 From the car park, turn back a few metres onto the tarmac road and take the turnoff to the right that enters the forest, signposted "Roccolo Sauch 0.45".

Follow the forest road through the deciduous forest, ignoring the turnoff for Lago Santo. We recommend reading the descriptions on the information board about the 'Lagabrun Nature Reserve', not far from our walk.

At Pozze, choose the left-hand fork and continue along the pleasant road. When you reach Passo della Croccola, your destination is near and in five minutes you will reach the famous Roccolo del Sauch. It is worth approaching it and scrutinising its details, aided by the well-made illustrative panels. The hike continues following the signs for the Sauch refuge, about ten minutes away.

After refreshments at the hut, return to the main road near the 'Herb Garden', a herb garden, and continue eastwards. Still on the forest road, after 1.5 km you return to the hamlet of Pozze and from there to the starting point, following the outward route.

public transportation

From Trento bus station, take line B102 towards Cavalese (Trento - Cembra - Capriana - Cavalese) and get off at Cembra. There are no public transport that connect the Holy Lake so the place of departure must be reached by own means of transport or on foot.

How to get there

Coming from the A22 Brenner motorway, both from the south and from the north, exit at Trento north (distance from the exit km 22.5), take the S.S. 12 Brennero north to the junction of Lavis, to then pass on the S.S. 612 Lavis - Castello di Fiemme which leads to the Cembra Valley and then to the town of Cembra, then follow the signs to The Holy Lake.

Continue uphill until you reach a car park along the road with coordinates N46°12'0.2 E11°11'40.3 1075 m a.s.l. About 50 metres before the car park, the forest road starts and is clearly visible. You must turn off to start the route (there is a blue and white sign for the Sauch hut, a no-car sign and red and white signposts).

Where to park

It is possible to park in the car park on the road to Lago Santo (coordinates N46°12'0.2 E11°11'40.3 1075 m above sea level), on the left when driving uphill.

We recommend to do this walk with the baby carrier.

Hiking shoes, rain-jacket, water, snack and sun cream.

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